Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is this website?
Just a site I created to display data from my personal weather station, so I can see what the weather is when I'm away. Since I decided to make it viewable to the public, I added some of my snapshots of places in and around Coffeytown to pretty it up a little, and added a couple other pages just for fun.

Where's Coffeytown?
In the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, at an altitude of about 2,400ft. On the maps, it's Alto, Va. but nobody calls it that, it's known locally as Coffeytown. Its location is shown on the map below. (This is a "live" map, so you can zoom and drag it, and check out the satellite view.)

Because there's an active group of people interested in Coffey family genealogy, quite a bit of historical information about Coffeytown can be found on the Web. If you're interested, a couple of good places to start are the Coffey Cousins sites located here and here. Also, John Taylor of Powhatan, Va. has put together a really nice booklet on Coffeytown history. You can find it here.

What's the "Alerts" page that requires logging in?
I can set up the website to send me email messages when certain conditions are met, like if the weather station stops working, or if the temperature gets to a certain point etc. The "Alerts" page is just an administrative page I use to set up the email alerts.